Saturday, February 27, 2010

Star Trek Fan Fiction Art

Most of this art is pure cut and paste and blend stuff. I moved the warp nacelles in, removed the sensor array, and added a nebula background as well as my own “ship” name. The original fan blueprint was “uss Aachen by Andrew Marsden” I want to give him due credit.

I plan on using this image I’ve modified to make my own in writing some Star Trek fan fiction. If you’ve never heard of “Fan Fiction” it’s where fan’s write stories that happen in and around the universe and sometimes with the characters of their favorite stories for fun. If you google something like “Harry Potter Fan Fiction” you could find enough stuff to read for the rest of your life. I think some fan fiction that people write is incredible. Yet much of it is ruff, many times unfinished… and sometimes the subject matter gets rather strange… to put it politely much of it is great but some of it is not for kids or Christian tastes.

Again, some of it is great. My own I have written part of a Harry Potter book, a whole series of Star Trek episodes that take place on another ship with another crew, even some writing around a miniature game. It’s a fun creative outlet. If you ever try it, remember that you may never sell it. Your playing in the creative sandbox of another author. Characters like Harry Potter are really hers… she just sort of lets us play with them a bit for fun.

My new ship is actually a very old ship refitted to test out alternative power after the Dominion War (think after the end of Star Trek Deep Space Nine… Which was my favorite Trek by the way)

May your sharpies always have ink and stay sharp!- Alan

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  1. Oh, I love anything Star Trek... Original, Next Gen, Voyager, Deep Space Nine..

    I think the Deep Space Nine edition was more character driven, instead of war/action driven.

    I really enjoyed feisty Kira (and wanted a Bajoran earring).
    Liked watching Odo change, and how it fit into the storyline.
    Liked the craggy Miles O'Brian character.
    LOVED the comlex Trill character, Dax. Very imaginative.
    Laughed a lot at the rascally character Quark, who was always getting into trouble.
    But my favorite was Worf!! when he was transfer to Deep Space 9 in the 4th season.

    I always thought it would be so cool to be a sci fi writer. Because you could go anywhere, any time, any universe, with any laws of science--or none--it would be an ENDLESS source of ideas. No matter where your imagination could take you, you just invent the universe to support it!

    Is there a link you could give to take us to some of your Star Trek fan fiction? I would love to read some.