Thursday, February 4, 2010

Get Well Greeting Card

One of my friends suggested to try my hand at greeting cards. The mother of my boss sadly had to go to the hospital thus this creation is for her. Media: Sharpie black over pencil. Colored pencils, highlighters… computer scan of image slightly increased saturation only mod in computer. The words are also my creation. The original goes to her. Be well Linda’s mom! I hope it makes you smile.

The outside reads
“We’re in Your Corner”

The inside reads,

“Actually we are
under the bed,
next to the wall.

(You might want to
dust under here
when you are
feeling better!)”

A question… if I sold prints of this card would you buy one? What would you think is a fair price? Are their greeting cards that you *Don’t* see in stores that you think should be made? I need to feed my cat! I’ve got to find a niche.

May your sharpies always have ink and points stay sharp!-Alan

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