Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Digital Gypsy

Thanks to Loretta S… a friend to this vagabond artist, I now own and have used to create this *COMPLETELY* digitally made artwork from start to finish on my nifty and downright swell gift of a digital drawing tablet.

That’s right folks here is the DISCLAIMER: no actual pen, pencil, or paper was harmed in the making of this artwork!!!

The artwork was made completely in Procreate Painter Classic. The art looks a bit four year old because this is my VERY FIRST work completely digital and I’m on the learning curve on a tablet.

Next stop… world domination!

May your sharpies always have ink and stay sharp- Alan


  1. Hey Alan,
    I missed this one! Love it... and ya know, I kind of like the loosey-goosey feel. It has a lot of movement. It's going to be fun to see how they change as you conquer the world, LOL!