Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tweety Angel and Life's Goals

planning on doing a bike marathon in honor of my passed mother and this will be the sign on the back of my bicycle. My mother was an artist and blessed me with the joy of art. She was also a huge tweety fan... thus the angel.

The funds go to various animal projects... if you care to donate the link is:

I got to be a guest teaching a local Girl Scout troop (the young group… “Daisies” I think) some cartooning. I never really knew this was one of my life’s goals until I did it. I think it stems from two parts.

1) it is uber cool to be sincerely appreciated by a kindergardener.
2) To pass on a bit of some of the joy I have for cartooning to kids… it’s not something I thought was going to be so moving. Maybe it’s like I’ve gone from student to master in a way finally or something? It was almost the feeling of selling my art to someone I really respected for the first time. Maybe it just brought back so many memories of how much pure joy art has been for me since I was 6 or 10 too.

My your sharpies always have ink and stay sharp!- Alan

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