Sunday, January 31, 2010

propaganda poster

I find propaganda art neat. I post this here first (the fast food one)

the other I had done for my weight blog a while ago. Those ads you see for the super diet that turns you into Superman in seven days always make me laugh.

May your sharpies always have ink and stay sharp.-Alan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christian Artist Trading Cards ATCs

I've been tinkering with an image of Christ layed over a Conan. Why? I've been having it on my heart to reach out to people with art for Christ. With the popularity of collectible cards and games as well as superheroes I'm wondering if it might be a vessel to reach out to share the Good News of Christ. After all it doesn't get any more superhero than Jesus, who can save souls.

May your sharpies have ink and points remain sharp!- Alan

Friday, January 15, 2010

Whitenack’s Wonder Ale

You know you’re an artist when… you buy a soda, and the primary reason is for the bottle.

I re-labeled a glass bottle and did a bit of sanding to take off the labels on the neck and bottle cap to whip up an old fashioned “snake oil”.

A friend was feeling a bit under the weather so to cheer him up I decided to make this artwork for him. The label reads “Whitenack’s Wonder Ale” Only 10 cents a bottle and a guaranteed cure… CURES melancholy, aches, bruises, cuts, pains, baldness, deafness, bunions… prepared from the pure genuine article of dehydrated water… RESTORES: vim. vigor, vitality, youth.
Click on either the bottle or label pic to see a larger version.

May your sharpies always have ink and stay sharp- Alan

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cheese Delivery Mail Art

Click on the image to see a larger pic of a Mail Art envelope I just sent off to a friend who owns a Model T car. The Art was done on an envelope with pen and pencils, The scan had a bit of color wash so I slightly adjusted the saturation. The names were covered for their privacy. -Alan

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Portal To Art hello

Coming soon you will see some art from my sketchbook, Computer enhanced art, window murals, Sculpture, views of some commision works, and even some mail art. the goals of where I want this blog to go in art is show off my own work, inspire others, maybe start a web comic... and eventually make a bit of money to feed my cat. Also to further my evil plans toward world domination.

(My gnomepunk work above was done in ink and colored pencils.)

May your sharpies have ink and their points stay sharp!- Alan